Laramie City Councilman Joe Vitale has voiced concerns about the hiring of former Laramie Mayor Jodi Guerrin in the position of Recreation Manager for the City of Laramie.

During a City Council work session on Tuesday, Vitale made a verbal request to see Guerin's resumé, voicing concern that Guerin is not qualified for the position.  This followed a written request for the resumé, given to the council in March.

"My major concern is that a major part of the responsibilities of that job are to hire, train and supervise for the aquatic program.  You cannot hire, train or supervise an aquatic program without experience in aquatics," Vitale said during an interview with the KOWB News Center this week.  "To put people at risk because we have an individual who doesn't meet the qualifications of the job, to me is irresponsible."

Vitale claims that he was denied access to Guerin's resumé last month.  The responsibility of hiring an individual for the position of Recreation Manager is the City Manager.  A request made to City Manager Janine Jordan's office for comment was declined.

Laramie City Attorney Dave Clark told KOWB during a telephone interview that the resumé was part of personnel files that were private under Wyoming Statute.

Wyoming Statute 16-4-203, Right of inspection; grounds for denial; access of news media; order permitting or restricting disclosure; exceptions:

(d) The custodian shall deny the right of inspection of the following records, unless otherwise provided by law:
(iii) Personnel files except those files shall be available to the duly elected and appointed officials who supervise the work of the person in interest. Applications, performance ratings and scholastic achievement data shall be available only to the person in interest and to the duly elected and appointed officials who supervise his work. Employment contracts, working agreements or other documents setting forth the terms and conditions of employment of public officials and employees are not considered part of a personnel file and shall be available for public inspection.


The position of Recreation Manager would not fall under direct supervision of the City Council.  However, Vitale says the Guerin's resumé is not privileged information and that the final sentence of the statute explains that.

Vitale said that he plans to make a personal request to Ms. Guerin, asking for a copy of her resumé during next week's city council meeting.

Guerin served as Laramie Mayor from 2005-2006 and from 2009-2010.  A website that was launched for a state senate bid in 2010 makes reference to Guerin having taught recreation classes during her early years in the city.