A local DJ who works as an exclusive music provider for University of Wyoming Athletics and is also a soldier in the Wyoming National Guard is accused of making fraudulent transactions in his former role as assistant manager of Mister Money in order to steal money from the pawn shop.

Brandon Jay Cornejo, 36, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Albany County District Court to one charge of felony theft. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Cornejo was fired as assistant manager of the Mister Money pawn shop in Laramie after the company's regional manager had an audit team conduct an inventory of the store to determine whether Cornejo had made fraudulent transactions.

Court documents say the regional manager told police he believed an employee would steal money by entering a fictitious item into the computer system as if it had been pawned and then pocket the money that Mister Money would have paid for such a transaction.

The regional manager reportedly discovered the activity when he couldn't find a 60" Sony television that should have been acquired for $380 on May 20. The transaction was allegedly authorized by Cornejo.

According to the affidavit, the regional manager believed Cornejo entered four fraudulent actions in May for items including Apple laptops, a PlayStation 4 system and the Sony television. Those transactions totaled $1,450.

Court documents say Cornejo, in a mirandized interview, told a Laramie Police Officer that he was responsible for the false transactions.

Judge Jeffrey Donnell set trial for Nov. 14-15. Cornejo remains free on $7,500 signature bond.

Cornejo said in court Tuesday that he is a local business owner. He is listed on the Party Pros Entertainment as one of the exclusive DJs for University of Wyoming Athletics. His biography also lists him as a member of the Wyoming National Guard.