The Laramie River has dropped to almost normal this past week. It is still running fast, of course, with all the snow melt left in the Snowy Range Mountains. I visited 3 locations on the Big Laramie last week. All had fish ready to be caught for sure; just finding the right lure or fly pattern is the only obstacle. Okay, the other obstacle is with the fast current you might catch a fish, but landing one might be tough. I fished with a brown trout repala and had 2 big hits and played the fish for about 3 minutes, but the water was too fast and the fish got off. This got me really excited to go out to Woods Landing to the fishing access just outside of town to hunt for trout.

This time of year when it’s warmer, I grab my fishing sandals or flip flops, don’t worry about all the fishing gear and just bring the bare essentials. My wife was very impressed with me when I first took her fishing, she said “that’s all you are bringing to catch a fish?” and I said,” that’s all I need”. Luckily I did catch fish that day!

This is my top 5 things to bring fishing:

1.  Hook Remover: Good for the fish if you are letting them go and even better when you need to perform surgery on yourself. I bought a Dr. Slick forceps and attach them to my front shirt for easy access.

2. Fishing Net: If you are going to catch fish it makes it a lot easier than trying to land it from the shore. Doubles as a beer holder and carrying the fish back to the car.

3. Fishing Creel: I use it to carry everything to the water: Beer, water, snacks, bug repellent, cigar, etc.

4.  Fishing Rod and Reel (of course) I bring my fly-rod or fishing rod ready to go from the car. It’s more difficult to rig up by the water because usually I get too excited.

5.  Small Tackle Box or Fly-vest: It is amazing what a fly-vest can carry, usually more than you need really: If you are lure fishing bring 2 or 3 lures (I retrieve them if it get’s hung up, I don’t like to lose a $5 lure if I can help it)

There is a lot more you could bring fishing, but if I don’t catch a fish there is probably nothing to catch. If the fish are not biting I whip out my book and read a little and appreciate the fact that I’m in nature and fish will be ready for me when I’m done with the next chapter.

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Fishing Quote: There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.  ~Washington Irving