The 2012 Laramie Hershey Track Meet is set for May 22 at the Laramie Senior High School Track at 3:30 pm. This event is open to children ages 9 to 14 and is sponsored by the Laramie Community Recreation Center.

Participants will compete against others of similar age and the same sex to prevent unfair advantage. Age groups include 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old, and 13-14 years old. The group in which the participant competes is determined by the child’s age on December 31, 2012. A competitor can compete in the meet if he or she is at least nine years old on the last day of this year. Likewise, a person can not compete in the track meet if he or she turns 15 or older before the end of this year.

Field events at the Hershey Track Meet include the standing long jump and soft ball throw. In addition to field events, the meet will feature races ranging from 50 yards to 1600 yards. There is also a 4X100 meter relay available for the 13-14 age group which would require a group of four participants to sign up for that event together. All race distances are not available for every age group. However, both field events are open to all age groups. Contestants can compete in up to three events with at least one event required to be field event.

Registration will begin at 3:00 pm the day of the event and must be done in person at the Laramie Senior High School Track. A copy of a legal birth certificate needs to be presented at registration to verify the participant’s age. There is no cost to register or compete in the Laramie Hershey Track Meet.

Those who place first and second in each event will be invited to participate in the State Hershey Track Meet in Lander, WY on June 16, 2012. The host of the state track meet will provide free overnight accommodations for those competing. Details of where these accommodations are will not be released until after the local event.