A man accused of breaking into a storage unit, taking items including a generator and an air compressor and pawning those items in Laramie pleaded not guilty to three felony burglary charges Thursday in Albany County District Court.

Christopher Dale Mauk, 33, is charged with burglary, accessory before the fact and accessory after the fact. If convicted on all three charges, he could face up to 23 years in prison and $23,000 in fines.

Mauk was arrested last year after a detective with the Albany County Sheriff's Office investigated an alleged burglary from a man's storage unit. The victim told the detective on Nov 30, 2015 that a Kawasaki generator and a green air compressor were missing from his storage unit at B&H Secure Storage in Laramie.

The man also said his lock was missing off the storage unit and he was unsure at the time whether other things had been taken from the unit, according to court documents. He reportedly had not been in the storage unit for about a month before he called police.

According to the affidavit, an investigating deputy learned that a compressor and generator matching the description given by the victim had been sold to Mister Money in Laramie on Nov. 14, 2015, by Christopher Mauk. The pawn shop manager also reportedly told the deputy that Mauk tried to pawn things on several occasions and was often with three other people identified in court documents.

One of those people allegedly told the detective in a Dec. 1, 2015 interview that she saw a generator and compressor in the back of Mauk's truck the day before they were pawned.

That night, after the interview, deputies watched the house of two people reportedly seen at the pawn shop with Mauk in an attempt to see if they might try to conceal alleged evidence.

Court documents say the deputies saw a man load up his truck with items from his house and dumped them into a cardboard recycling dumpster located behind Clure Brothers Furniture. According to the affidavit, some of the things found in the dumpster belonged to the man who owned the storage unit from which Mauk allegedly took the generator and air compressor.

In an interview with deputies, the man allegedly said he dumped the stolen items  after he learned that a woman he lived with was being charged with burglary. According to the affidavit, he said all the items belonged to Mauk.

In that same interview, the man allegedly said he and Mauk stole from at least four separate units at B&H Secure Storage and sold the stolen items to pawn shops. He allegedly told deputies the woman he lived with sold some of the items because she was the only one with an ID card, and that she knew the property was stolen.

The man also allegedly said the gate at B&H Secure Storage was usually open. He allegedly admitted to using bolt cutters to cut the locks on storage units, because Mauk wasn't physically able.

Court documents say Mauk, in a Dec. 8, 2014 interview, allegedly confirmed much of what the other man told deputies. Mauk allegedly said he and the other man went to the storage facility six or seven times and burglarized about six different units. According to the affidavit, Mauk allegedly said he and the other man cut locks off three of the units.

Mauk reportedly told deputies that everything he had pawned during the prior month was stolen from storage units, and he gave the money from those transactions to two people allegedly involved in the burglaries so they could pay rent.

Judge Jeffrey Donnell set Mauk's trial date for Dec. 7-8. Mauk remains free on signature bond.