A Laramie man, charged in the case of heroin possession and conspiracy, has pleaded guilty to charges in the case.

26-year-old Drake Anthony Huff made an appearance in Albany County District Court Tuesday afternoon wearing street clothes and in jail shackles. Huff plead guilty to a charge of consipiracy to deliver the drug heroin as well as a charge of possession of heroin. A charge of "delivery of a controlled substance" was dropped as part of a plea deal.

According to court paperwork, Huff was accused of having participated in the sale of Heroin to a criminal informant in the city of Laramie. Two other men were also arrested in the case. 25-year-old Drew M. Harris and 23-year-old Erik Wayne Derry have cases currently pending in Albany County District Court.

Huff, further was accused of being in posession of heroin at the Albany County jail, which he attempted to discard. However the heroin was discovered during the attempt.

Huff remains in the Albany County Detention Center and awaits sentencing. He could face up to 21 years in prision, 26-thousand-dollars in fines or both.