The Laramie Movie Forecast is written by Robert Roten creator of the Laramie Movie Scope web site.

If it seems to you like we've had this movie weather before, you're right.  There's a feeling of deja vu this weekend.

Earlier this year, there was a movie called Olympus Has Fallen about terrorists taking over the White House.  This week there is a movie called White House Down.  That's right.  Terrorists are taking over the White House again.

Critics are undecided about White House Down.  Some think it's better than Olympus Has Fallen while others think it's worse.

And they say there are no original ideas in Hollywood.

The other new film opening this week is The Heat, a cop buddy comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  Early reviews indicate The Heat rates a "B" and White House Down rates a "C+."

The Free Summer Film Series at the Albany County Library continues Sunday at 7 PM with one of last year's best film, Arbitrage starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon.

The best holdovers from last week are Man of Steel and Monsters University, both rating a "B."