The Weekend Movie Forecast is written by Robert Roten, creator of the Laramie Movie Scope Website.

The weekend movie weather should heat up considerably with a proected big opening for The Wolverine, the latest in the popular movie series from the marvel comics group.  It won't be as big as The Avengers, but what is?  Early reviews indicate it rates a "C+."

Last weekends big hit, the horror film The Conjuring, will finally open in Laramie today.  Not only is it financially successful, it also has received good reviews.  It rates a "B."

Last weekend's pretender to the box office throne was a major flop both financially and critically.  R.I.P.D., a supernatural buddy cop film, was a huge disappointment.  Another film opening last week RED 2, turns out to be better than expected.

The free summer film series at the County Library continues Saturday night, at 7:00 pm, with a 1992 Eddie Murphy movie, The Distinguished Gentleman, about a con man who is elected to congress and is appalled by the corruption he finds there.

The best holdovers from last week are Despicable Me 2, RED 2, Turbo and Iron Man Three.