The Laramie Police Department made 46 arrests during the Jubilee Days celebrations in Laramie last week, most of them alcohol related.

Laramie Police Commander Mitchell Cushman says they had as many officers as possible working the downtown and fairgrounds areas of Jubilee Days where most of the celebrations were taking place.  "We had arranged our patrols so that we had as many as people as we could work those areas," he says.  "I think that it was generally a safe production this year."

Laramie area law enforcement did have assistance, this year, by way of a grant from the Governor's Council on Impaired Driving.  The grant allowed two officers from Cheyenne to assist in Laramie area DWI patrols.  Cmdr. Cushman says that the cooperation efforts were worth it and were a positive experience.

Some of the calls were due to over-consumption of alcohol, which Cushman says is a growing problem even outside of Jubilee Days.  "We've started to see that over-consumption by legal-age people is starting to become more and more of an issue that needs to be addressed somehow,"  he says.  "Really, the only other strategy that we are going to try and combat that from the police department point of view, is to increase enforcement.  But obviously that isn't going to cure it.  That's just a reaction to what we're seeing, but not a prevention model."

Laramie's Jubilee Days celebration took place from July 6th through July 14th of this year.