Issues for police at the 2012 Jubilee Days seemed to be more alcohol related than violent.  This according to Laramie Police Commander Mitch Cushman.

“Jubilee Days went very peaceful this year,” Cushman said.  ”We didn’t have a lot of assault-and-batteries, but we had some.  Generally the calls were alcohol related.”

The Laramie Police have put together an “end total result” for the area of town surrounding the downtown portion of Jubilee Days.  Cushman says that Laramie Police responded to 91 calls in the immediate areas around the carnival, the street dance, and some of the local bars who had street dance permits.  Cushman says that 91 calls is about average for Jubilee Days.

Jubilee Days also garnered about the same amount of “false ID” citations that come in an average year.  And even though the street dance was moved from the street, where it was traditionally held, to the city parking lot, Cushman says that the amount of special street licenses for private bars even made the size of the event seem normal.  ”Whether it was intended that way, or whether it just worked out that way, we can’t tell.  But the law was still enforced and it was still safe.”

Cushman went on to say that he credited the police law enforcement strategies as well as the people of Laramie with making it as peaceful as it was.