If you have driven by the Hilton Garden Inn the last couple days, you're sure to have noticed the huge 34 foot Airstream trailer that reads "AHA."

The trailer is serving as a mobile TV studio filming commercials for Mutual of Omaha.  The "Aha Moment" campaign is designed for every day people to tell their stories about how their life has changed.

Associate Producer of the 2013 Mutual Of Omaha Aha Moment Tour Spencer Beavers told us he's heard everything from love stories to career changes.

Beavers was pleased with the Laramie stop so far.  "We've had a really great turnout and met some really awesome people.  We had a woman who is disabled and her Aha Moment was realizing she was independent again because she got a service dog and the dog goes with her everywhere.”

Spencer, a northern California native who now resides in New York City, went on to explain this has been a once in a lifetime trip for him personally.  "I've never been to this part of the country so I was really excited to see Laramie and Colorado.  Going to New Orleans was incredible as was North Carolina.  There hasn't been a bad stop, it's been a great tour overall."

Laramie is the 17th of the 20 city tour.  The bus will roll through Provo, Utah, Boise, Idaho, and Salem, Oregon next.

If you've got an "Aha Moment" to share stop by the Hilton Garden Inn parking lot between 10 am and 6 pm Friday, July 26th.  For more information check out the Mutual Of Omaha Website Here.