You know you’re getting into the summer months in Laramie when you see road construction projects nearing their conclusions. Laramie will be seeing many road construction projects this summer, the most significant of which being the massive reconstruction of 30th and Grand; a project which is not completed, but is certainly in its concluding stages.

Intersection of Grand Avenue & 30th Street Update

We are now less than a month from the scheduled completion date of the construction project at the intersection of 30th and Grand Avenue, which remains on schedule for its completion date of June 15. Though traffic continues to be diverted through detours, many significant pieces have been put into place at the intersection including:

  • Concrete
  • Storm Sewers
  • Drainage
  • Water Lines
  • Pieces of the Traffic Signals

Road crews are also in the process of installing electrical lines and will begin laying the new asphalt this week. Those crews have been aided up to this point by very formidable weather, but should some massive storm come to pass in the next few weeks, no setbacks should occur because the drainage is already in place. Here is a look at the intersection in its current state of construction.

Vista Drive Update

Many people have also been inquiring about the project at Vista Drive, and from speaking with Scott Taylor of the Wyoming Department of Transportation, we have learned that the Vista Drive project is another reconstruction, scheduled to be completed by August 31. Crews are currently in the process of building a retaining wall on one side of the road, and fortunately every aspect of that project is on schedule as well. Until the time of its completion, Vista Drive will remain closed. Pictures below show the current progress of this project.

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