A new municipal judge will be taking the bench in Laramie on Monday.

Laramie's mayor and the city council sent an announcement via email on Thursday stating that Meredith Oakes Peterson will be stepping into the position next week.  The announcement went on to say that Peterson was chosen through an extensive search process conducted by the Laramie City Council.

"There's three employees in the city that serve at the will of the city council on one-year contracts," says Laramie Mayor Dave Paulekas.  "The City Manager, the City Attorney and the Municipal Judge."

Previous to Peterson, Tony Lopez served in the position of Municipal Judge, a position he's held for over five years.  Lopez's contract was not renewed for this year.

Peterson is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Law School, and has 25 years of experience in various aspects of law. Most recently, she served as a Magistrate Judge in  Pinedale, WY for the Sublette County Circuit Court.

In Laramie, Peterson will preside, generally, over misdemeanor offences committed within the Laramie city limits.

"I'm looking forward to having her come on board," says Mayor Paulekas.  "I think people in this community will be pleased with how she handles the public and her professionalism."