Laramie has made a name for itself through a long history of rugged cowboys, outlaws, trappers and traders. Then, in 1886 came the University of Wyoming. UW is still the states only four-year state school and has gained national attention by providing an outstanding education at low costs and provides students with great opportunities. Indeed, Laramie has a unique mixture of old west feel and new age philosophy, and so do its bars. I picked these five bars because they offer wide ranges of music and live entertainment plus different atmospheres that hopefully suit your style. And, of course, they offer a wide variety of enjoyable beverages!

  • 1

    Buckhorn Bar

    The Buckhorn Bar is probably Laramie's most recognizable bar and offers a wide variety of music and drinks to make sure you have a good time. I chose the Buckhorn first because of those reasons. The Buck is Laramie's only bar with an upstairs dance floor and also offers a live DJ, live performances by a wide variety of bands and has three bars! In the daytime the Buckhorn is pretty mellow but be warned, at nights the Buckhorn can get pretty wild. At night it tends to cater to Laramie's college crowd and offers hip/hop and club music. If you are a college student and of age then this is a great place to meet new people, and if its not to crowded maybe show off your sweet dance moves! The Buckhorn Bar is also a favorite because of it quirky wall decorations and old west feel mixed with hip/hop music or the sounds of live bands rocking your face off. Just remember drink safely and be smart about getting to where you need to go. A night of fun isn't worth possible life changing consequences.

    (courtesy of Garrett Adams)
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    Cowboy Saloon and Dance Hall

    On to number two! For those of you who like to stay true to the West and don't mind spinning and twirling a beautiful girl in your arms then look no further. The Cowboy Saloon and Dance Hall is a great place to wear in those new boots of yours while enjoying a drink or two from any of their four bars! When you go to the cowboy expect great live music from a number of different bands that are sure to get you in the mood to have a fun time. The large dance floor creates a lot of open space and provides the perfect opportunity to either learn how to swing dance or to show off your skills to other dancing enthusiasts. I chose the Cowboy as one of my favorites because its also just around the corner from the Buckhorn Bar and close to all the other bars in the downtown area.

    (courtesy of Garrett Adams)
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    Library Sports Grille and Brewery

    The Library Sports Grille and Brewery is probably my favorite restaurant and bar in Laramie! Although the Library is third on this list I absolutely love it. Their relaxed atmosphere and unique side by side restaurant and bar are perfect for enjoying a great meal with family, friends or that special someone, or you can walk through the door to their bar, let your hair down and enjoy their numerous hand made brews! Their handcrafted beers are sure to suit every pallet and there's plenty to choose from.The bar is kind of cramped at times but the laid back atmosphere is always fun. Another reason I chose the Library as one of the top bars in Laramie is because they too offer live music. Unlike the Buckhorn and the Cowboy, the Library offers live music from various genres including reggae, folk, rock alternative and others. The Library also has a drive-up window so if you can't go in and enjoy the Library then you can always drive thru and give them your business!

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    Front Street Tavern

    Front Street Tavern is one of Laramie's newest social gathering sites and is located on 1st street just across the street from the train tracks! They not only have a selection of micro brews and mixed drinks but offer a great selection of food too! Front Street Tavern is a part of Sweet Melissa's Vegetarian Cafe and together they make a mighty duo. Front Street is a great place to go if you are wanting to enjoy a mellow night sitting around a table with a few friends. Their rise in popularity and it's convenient location do make it cramped at times but it's still a great place to enjoy a brew or two. While you're enjoying yourself why not get some of Sweet Melissa's tasty hummus!

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    Snowy Range Sports Bar

    The Snowy Range Sports Bar and Grill had a face life not to long ago and for some of you it might be remembered as Foster's. The new building and their new location though is wonderful! The topping on the cake that makes this bar sit proudly in atop my favorites are their countless televisions! If it's sports, beer and great food your looking for then Snowy Range Sports Bar and Grill is a must! For some, the trek over to west Laramie might be a little to much to ask and with Laramie's new DUI laws it's never worth the risk of driving, but that's why you get a sober driver or use the helpful services of SafeRide! Snowy Range Sports Bar and Grill really is an enjoyable place to go though if you are looking to stay away from the downtown area while watching your favorite sports team on multiple tv screens!