Last Friday night started as mundane as most Friday nights do in a small town. The same haunt for drinks after work with no new interesting people to talk to. In fact, at first impression, it seemed like the same Friday night as the one before and the one before that. The only thing different was that everyone had moved down one barstool.

But at the Gryphon Theatre, the show would turn the evening around.

With a name such as March Fourth Marching Band, how could one not wonder how good this act would turn out?  After the huge let down from Granger Smith, and without Brand 307 around to save the show, I had resigned myself to let this regular Friday slip into the archives over a good book.

How boring you say. I completely agree.

At the very last minute possible, I gave away the last of my tickets for the show, save one for myself and moseyed over to the Gryphon Theater to say hello. What I got was well beyond expectations that found me leaving the Gryphon Theater with a smile on my face and completely impressed.

March Forth Marching Band was the kind of act that had everyone in the venue yelling YEE-HAW from the minute the curtains opened. There were people of all ages, young and old alike, dancing in the aisles. This act was just what its name precluded, a 14-piece marching band. They had the percussion section, the strings, the winds and the symbols. This was a big band and these guys know how to play.

As the music took its magical effects and the building began dancing, I finally realized why I had been seeing a large number of kids at the show. Out came the acrobats!

The band and performers had a fine tuned performance, matching the great sounds of the band with the performance of the acrobats, and before too long my smile was uncontrollable and my feet were moving to the sounds of their funky beat.

For me, the second to last song which, if played by many instruments as the song was meant to be played, is the absolute greatest song I have ever heard. The band broke out with “Late in the Evening” by Paul Simon and the Friday night of this hard to impress critic was made.

March Fourth Marching Band has played at the Snowy Range Music Festival, as well as the Gryphon Theater previously.

If I again can extend my advice to anyone who takes the time to read this, make it a priority to go see this act if they come to a town near you. Take your kids and your parents, as this will leave everyone dancing in the aisles.

Thanks again to the Gryphon for another absolutely fantastic show at your one of a kind venue