LeAnn Rimes is the proud step-mom of two little boys and right now she says that that is her primary concern and primary joy in her life.  The relationship with their mother has been up and down for LeAnn, but the country singer is trying to keep everything in perspective and remain respectful to all concerned.

The relationship between her now husband, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn started in a bit of a controversy when it first started back in 2009.  Both were still married at the time.  That, as you might imagine didn't sit well with Eddie's now ex-wife, model and Real housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanvile. 

But, as LeAnn enjoys life with  8-year-old Mason and 4-year-old Jake, she says she'd like to just move on from some of the war of words both mom and step-mom have endured in the past.

"I don't want to talk negatively about anyone at all," LeAnn told  Nashville's Tennessean. "It's not in my nature. And I don't want the boys to see me ever speaking badly about anyone in their family. It's hard not to go, 'Here's the truth,' but then it's someone's word against my word and people will be split, it will be a big drama, and I don't want that."

LeAnn says her role as "bonus mom" to the boys is her own serious concern right now. "It's not like we just have them on the weekends," she explains. "I do homework and I make lunches and I do normal things you would do as a mom and I enjoy it, that normal life that I've never had as a wife or as a mom. I never really knew if I wanted kids or not, because I was so business-focused and now I have two that aren't my blood, but really at the end of the day, I love watching them grow and learn, and I love to be a part of teaching them that."

Those with step-kids can relate I suppose.  In fact, I'm sure. When someone marries into parenthood, the challenges are serious but well-worth the struggle if they're able to step back and take the long view.  Hopefully LeAnn Rimes will be able to strike that delicate balance. That would be good news for all concerned.

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