Would you know what to do if your pet was caught in a trap? In Wyoming, trappers can use snares on some public land that could be near trails. In 2014, a Casper family lost three of their family members. Three St. Bernards were caught in traps and were not able to escape.

A group out of Jackson, WY, wants to stop things like this from happening. Untrapped Wyoming will be at the Natrona County Library on September 15th for a Trap Release Workshop.

“We want to reach as many dog owners as possible so they will know what to do in the event their pet is caught,” Kristin Combs of Untrapped Wyoming said.  “The people we have talked to that have had a dog caught in a trap said that it is a very unnerving experience and very traumatizing to them and their dogs.  We want to help mitigate this impact by teaching people how to rescue their dogs quickly and efficiently.”