I really like it when I find out that a great guy is having a great year.  2012 has barely begun and it's already looking like a banner one Lee.

He's already got a potential super hit on his hands with his latest single, A Woman Like You.  But what is really shaping this year for Lee is the fact that he finally convinced his longtime girlfriend to marry him.

Miss Sara Reevely is not only Lee's long-time girlfriend, she's also the mother of the couple's three year old, Takoda.  It seems that after knowing her for thirteen years, Lee figured it was about time.  So, without further drama, Lee proposed on January 2nd.

According to Lee's website, there hasn't been a date set.

So, it's happy and sunny in his personal life.  And as far as his professioanl life, things are going pretty well too.  His current sing, A Woman Like You is currently # 26 on Billboard Magazine's Top Country Charts.

Also from his website comes this quote:

I finally get to marry that beautiful girl I met on Myrtle Beach years ago. I can't wait to get Sara and Takoda to Nashville so we can all be together.

Here's hoping that things continue to go well for Lee and his family.  Hopefully 2012 is a year that will mean a great deal to him for years to come.

Take a moment and enjoy the video for A Woman Like You.

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