The road starts just outside your front door and goes on forever. Why not get there in style?

When I saw Dennis cruising on a sunny Wyoming Friday, May 6, 2016, it made me smile. It brought back some fine memories. Like most of America, I love the open road and that is something we have a lot of here in Wyoming. The road starts just outside your front door and goes on forever. Why not get there in style?

One of my greatest memories on four wheels was while driving my fully restored, balanced & blueprinted 1969 Firebird convertible in downtown Denver at a stoplight. A pedestrian in the crosswalk stopped in front of me, came over to me and said “Nice to see somebody who appreciates a great American automobile.” I smiled as he moved on. Yep, I do. I grew up with muscle cars and hot rods and love them still. America led the world in automobile manufacturing for decades before The Motor City stalled out.

While I lived in Detroit for a short time, I witnessed what may well be the biggest and best display of rolling iron in the world, The Woodward Dream Cruise. Classics and custom builds from motorized skateboards to an immaculate half size cement truck that mixes up margaritas. Thousands and thousands of cars took over a major road for the weekend and it seemed each vehicle was cooler than the last.

Still another great automotive memory for me was learning what goes on under the hood of a car with my Junior High School bud Dave Hawley. Replacing spark plugs and valve cover gaskets replaced fear with confidence in me. I found great joy in our conversation while getting things accomplished. I guess its called bonding. I still treasure those times.

So when I saw this 1931 Ford custom cruising the 307 on a finally hot Wyoming Friday, I pulled him over and got a few shots of this car that he built and has cared for over the last 20 years. He thinks it may be time to sell this one and build another. He obviously has the talent.

Wyoming has some very talented, creative and organized car nuts that you may want to check out.  Hot Rod / Rat Rod Build Off - Cheyenne, Wyoming has their fingers on the pulse of Cheyenne Rodding. The Wyoming Street Rod Association have their summer meeting and picnic along with the Cody Car Show on August 20th, 2016. Their also meeting October 8th at Z’s Classics in Casper. There are several sources in Casper and Cheyenne for those interested. Here's to those who build and Wyoming Car Clubs.

Steve Cooper, Townsquare Media

With summertime almost here, it’s time for a road trip. Get your best bud, some great tunes (no more cigarettes, *sigh*) and a tank of gas and hit the open road. It’s one of the greatest things about not only Wyoming, but this great big magnificent country we call America. Happy motoring.