Laramie police arrested a man for felony theft Friday after allegedly he allegedly stole cash and valuable items from a Laramie woman.

Mark Eitniear, 31, faces three counts of felony theft as well as two misdemeanor counts of theft and  two misdemeanor counts of of making false written statements to obtain property or credit. If convicted of the three felonies, Eitniear could be sentenced to up to thirty years in prison and $30,000 in fines.

A release from the Laramie Police Department says officers began investigating Friday, March 25 shortly after 7:30 p.m. and arrested Eitniear on Sunday, March 27.

According to court documents, the victim allowed Eitniear to stay with her since Oct. 2015 before Eitniear contacted her over Facebook March 25 to say he was on a bus headed for Mississippi.

The victim was reportedly missing money from her bank account that day and found her debit card -- having earlier given Eitniear with the PIN number, but not permission to withdraw the missing money -- along with $20 on her couch.

Eitniear is also accused of stealing two Invicta watches that were reportedly pawned at Mister Money Pawn in Laramie on Jan. 11 and Jan. 16.

In addition, court documents say the victim was missing a 14-karat gold ring and a one-ounce Canadian gold coin -- both items were reportedly pawned at Westbrook's Pawn Shop in January and February respectively.

Eitniear allegedly admitted in a police interview to stealing and pawning the items, as well as withdrawing $280 or $290 from the victim's account without permission.