We've got like to give an anonymous computer programmer the Peter Gibbons Office Space Award for Doing Nothing (In the spirit of the award, we didn't actually bother making a trophy).

Imagine you're a boss at a large "Critical Infrastructure" type company, when you hear from your information security team that someone from China is accessing a critical system. You launch an investigation expecting to bust a hacker in the act, but instead discover ... one of your employees has outsourced his own job!

CNN reports the man, known only as "Bob" in internal paperwork, paid about 20% of his salary to a programming company in Hong Kong to do almost every aspect of his job for him, freeing up his day for 8 hours of long lunches, web surfing, and generally doing...nothing at all. The only real work "Bob" appears to have done was send a few end of day emails to his managers!

The punchline?

Bob was an ideal employee, as far as HR was concerned: Good work by his night-shift Chinese helpers netted him praise as "The best developer in the building!"

Ultimately, Bob was let go - apparently you can't play that fast and loose with security just to free up time for Ebay and Reddit, but we can't fault his spirit of enterprise: 80% pay for 0% of the work is pretty good if you ask us!