A Wyoming man is headed to prison after admitting to two probation violations Tuesday in Albany County District Court.

Chase Richard Christy, 21, was sentenced to three to five years in prison after admitting to violating his probation on two separate occasions.

Judge Jeffrey Donnell included a boot camp recommendation with the sentencing order. Christy would be eligible for a sentence reduction upon successful completion of the boot camp program.

Christy was originally sentenced in Oct. 2014 to three years of probation in lieu of a three- to five- year suspended prison sentence on one felony charge of possession of a controlled substance marijuana after an Albany County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled him over on US 287 and discovered 8.23 ounces of marijuana in Christy’s vehicle.

Christy admitted to receiving a $360 ticket for theft of services from the University of Wyoming Police Department after playing several holes on the golf course without paying while on probation in Oct. 2015.

Christy also failed to complete 100 hours of community service by the Jan. 23 deadline pursuant to his sentence.

Christy said he failed to complete his community service because he just kept putting it off. Donnell said Christy made his situation worse than it needed to be by not taking his sentence seriously.

“I hope you will take this seriously now, Mr. Christy,” said Donnell. “I truly do.”