Well, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "I sure hope the Marine is a girl!"  Of course she is. But it turns out she's also married...and so is Luke. What exactly is goin' on here?

It's all above board, naturally.  I mean, we're talking USMC and one of country's hottest talents right now.  Nobody's looking for scandal.

Here's the story:  Lance Corporal Nicole McCoy posted on a You Tube video that she wanted Luke to attend the Marine Corps Ball in Georgia.  Both the Lcorporal and Luke are Georgia natives.  According to Georgia Television station WALB TV, McCoy extended the invite because she and her family are all huge fans of Luke's work.

Luke, a married father of two says his wife probably wouldn't have too much of a problem with the whole thing.  He says that Caroline is a supporter of the Corps and would do anything that would benefit the men and women of the Marines.

Luke is not sure if he can attend, though.  There may be scheduling issues with his touring schedule; he's currently opening for Tim McGraw on Tim's "Emotional Traffic" tour.  But I'm sure that Luke will find a way to help the Marines and any of our troops out, any way he can.