Well, vinyl fans.  Today is the day.  The Marshall Tucker Band has listened to their myriad of fans and have officially released their Greatest Hits...on vinyl!  We were forutnate enough to interview one of the original members of the band:  Keyboardist and Vocalist Doug Gray.

When we first reported the release, we were just interested in getting the word out about the cool concept of getting away from MP3 files and digital downloads, and letting people hear the way the greatest music in the world had been released for decades.  Whether 45's or "LP's", generations of music fans have enjoyed that first "pop" as the needle hit the groove.

Disk Jockeys knew that feeling for years.  We were very interested in the story of one of the Greatest southern rock bands of all time releasing on vinyl.

Yesterday (you'll hear me mention the release date as "tomorrow" on the interview) I spoke with Doug by phone.  The band was on the road and he was gracious enough to let me have about 5 minutes of his time.  The band is still travelling and performing on the road and we appreciate so much the opportunity.  Please enjoy the interview and if you have a chance, and can find a decent turntable in this day and age, take a listen to the album.

Here's the interview.  Enjoy