With the number of successful albums and songs Martina has released, you would think that she'd be comfortable just sitting back and continually releasing her versions of songs written by others. But you would be mistaken on that.

Even though she's released double-digits of albums, she's never really challenged herself up to this point in her career. With the release of her latest album, Eleven, Martina has made a concious decision to get outside her comfort zone and see about writing her own stuff.

She said in a recent interview with The Daytona Beach News that she basically forced herself out of her comfort zone and really dedicated herself to songwriting. Once all of her children were in school, Martina found the time to quit procrastinating and discovered what she called the "liberation" of writing her feelings in songs.

Martina also mentioned that she made a decision to record outside Nashville for the first time in her career. There are reports that she has taken numerous opportunities to explore other musical styles, including R and B and even an island beat.

Good to see her expanding her horizons. It's so easy for an artist to become comfortable in their world, and I think their work suffers for it. Fresh and original is always best, and writing can only make the product she produces that much better.

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