Word out of Nashville is that Martina is taking a unique route to publicize her latest album Eleven.

Martina's website is reporting that the country star has teamed up with Amtrack for a good ol' fashioned barnstorming train trip across America.   It's a four day train trip that(as the album name implies) will make 11 stops.

She'll go "left to right" across the country, starting in Los Angeles and ending up in New York City.  In addition to the stops, McBride plans concerts in Albuquerque, Chicago and New York.

Quoting from the website:

"This partnership is perfect for many reasons," said David Lim, chief marketing officer, Amtrak. "We both value connections. Martina wants to connect even more closely with her fans -- her music touches so many people, and is relatable to so many American's lives -- and Amtrak's trains connect people across the country every day."

Again, from the website, here are Martina's comments:

"This album is very special to me, and I wanted to be able to share it with my fans far and wide. I also wanted to do something that has never been done before, and I thought what better way to do that than with a cross-country train ride with Amtrak where we make several stops along the way? Eleven stops, to be exact. I'm so excited for this journey across America," said Martina.

The new album has a street date of next month.  Martina was recently honored as the single most played female country artist in the history of the genre.  She is most famous for her singles Wild Angels and Broken Wing, both of which were number 1's.

It's good to see Miss McBride taking a unique twist to publicize her album, and doing it in such a public way, with performances in smaller markets that make this idea a winner.

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