Members of the Laramie Community are invited to celebrate the unveiling of a clock that has returned to the streets of Downtown Laramie.

A “Meet Me at the Clock” unveiling of the refurbished Midwest Trunk and Sporting Goods Clock will take place at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 25th in front of Antique Fever and Chalk 'N Cheese, at 209 South Second Street. Light refreshments will be served.

The Midwest Trunk and Sporting Goods Clock first arrived in Laramie in 1924, in front of the Midwest Trunk and Sporting Goods Store, established by Joseph Hurwitz, at 121 Thornburg, which we now call Ivinson Ave. In 1928 the location of the business and clock was 208 South Second, and by 1931, both had relocated to the Midwest building at 200 South Second. At the time of the relocation in 1931, the clock was converted from its original form of gas operated to run electrically.

Midwest Trunk and Sporting Goods was owned and operated by three generations of the Hurwitz family. For over 60 years Midwest Trunk and Sporting Goods, the Hurwitz family, and the clock were synonymous with quality merchandise, service, and support both monetarily and personally to the community. "Look for the Clock" was the catch phrase on letterhead, advertisements, and local recognition.  People would say "Meet at the clock."

The clock is once again a proud reminder of local history and a thriving downtown community through the joint efforts of the Hurwitz family, John Hester and the people and organizations he enlisted, numerous other individuals, and the city.

The Hurwitz family donated the Clock so that the City of Laramie could re-furbished and re-locate it in a downtown location on public property. The City will maintain the clock and will recognize the Hurwitz family donation.