Chalk up another holiday to the category of “bizarre.” International Migratory Bird Day, observed in the United States on the second Saturday of May, will be in Laramie this Saturday (the second Saturday of the month).

Ok – maybe bizarre isn’t the right word, but uncommon seems fair at the very least.

According to, International Migratory Bird Day (or IMDB- not to be confused with the movie website) celebrates and brings attention to one of the most important and spectacular events in the Americas – bird migration.

The holiday will be celebrated Saturday morning in Laramie’s Optimist Park with bird walks on the Greenbelt at 8 AM and 10 10AM. Booths & activities will also be setup in the park from 9 AM until 1 PM. On hand will be live raptors and the activities list includes the chance to experience the hazards of migration, test your own wingspan and learn about some of the best places to see birds.

The group behind, Environment For the Americas, says the holiday is worthy of celebration because “Public awareness and concern are crucial components of migratory bird conservation.” Citizens who are enthusiastic about birds, informed about threats, and empowered to become involved in addressing those threats, can make a tremendous contribution to maintaining healthy bird populations. By modeling what can be done and involving people, their interest and involvement in stewardship can grow.

One of the most successful vehicles for public education on migratory birds is International Migratory Bird Day.”

International Migratory Bird Day was created in 1993, and today, nearly 500 events are held yearly from South America to Canada.