This weekend, there won't be any concerts by either Miranda Lambert or Blake Shelton.  Everyone understands that, of course.  When you lose a father and a father-in-law, well, time comes to a screeching halt and all you want to do is gather withe family and hide.

After the sadness diminishes ( never really goes all the way away) these blockbuster superstars will continue to do what they do best:  entertain and solidify their standings as two of the hottest artists in the biz right now. 

Blake will continue to work toward the season premier of The Voice.  Miranda will also be involved as a mentor, and picking up on the interrupted concert schedule.

I was thinking of these guys today as I did my air-shift and I'm just truly saddened that Blake lost his dad and Miss Miranda lost her father-in-law.  So, I just want to say again...condolences to the family and may you find peace in knowing how many people are thinking of you.

Now, just so I don't finish this post on such a sad note, I'd like to share one of my favorite videos with you.  It relates back to the title.  Have a great weekend everyone.   We'll do it all again Monday.

Here's Miranda's Famous in a small town.  Enjoy

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