The "Twitterverse" was alive and well recently.  What with the earthquake back east and all.  But one twitter session was particularly entertaining as Miranda Lambert went on-line so her fans could ask questions

The country star shared quite a bit of information about herself and the way her life has changed this year.  Of course, there were many questions regarding her recent marriage to Blake Shelton; how she's dealing with all the publicity; her future plans and much more.

One little tidbit the fans learned was her guilty pleasure:  watching Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC.  Now, I always thought the show was kinda "creepy", what with slathering make-up, spray tans, fake teeth and grown up outfits on little girls, but hey, I suppose it's okay for a southern woman to like it.

Miranda is certainly no stranger to Twitter.  She's recently chewed out a Canadian interviewer for making a big deal out of her enjoyment of firearms, and she shared marriage advice recently with her fans after her wedding to Blake.

She told her fans at that time that she hoped all girls looking to get married in the future would take the time to enjoy the single life while it lasts.  But she also urged them to look round and appreciate every single second of the big day, because it’ll be gone before you know it.

“What’s your best advice for a bride??” a fan tweeted to Mrs. Shelton, who re-tweeted the question with her response. She said simply and poignantly, “Soak in every second.” Being that she’s now married to a country music superstar, and is a country music superstar herself, she would know.

In her most recent Twitter interview, Miranda also shared her favorite quote.  It's from the movie Tombstone....and it goes something like this:

"Tell 'em I'm comin'.  And Hell's comin' with me."

Man, you gotta LOVE a girl like that.

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