Remember back in the day, when videos were just starting to show up on Country Television and such?  They were basic to say the least. Then, the artists started to realize the true power of a well-thought out and well produced video. That's when things changed. And now, with the video for Over You, Miranda and her crew have knocked it out of the park.

As we told you earlier, Over You is the story of the untimely death of Blake Shelton's older brother.  And while Blake has said he would never be able to sing this beautifully tragic song, well, the Mrs. could probably do a good job.

The video is sombre and very thoughtful. The symbolism of the white horse throughout is powerful and Miranda doesn't chew the scenery.  She lets that incredible voice and face just tell the story of loss, loss, loss. The coloring is so subtle, it's halfway between an old sepia photo and black and white.

This one is beautiful on a couple of levels.  I'm so heartened by the level of talent out there right now.  Just beautiful.


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