I can’t think of many things more stupid than dressing as a creepy clown and running around late at night in the most heavily armed state in the union, Wyoming. We’ve had incidents in Wyoming and Northern Colorado and people are getting nervous and wary. But as Rick Roddam says “DON’T shoot them – Shooting a clown does not meet the legal justification for self-defense.”

Personally, I think if someone wears a meat suit in a lion’s cage, they get what they deserve, but I’d hate to see you or me in prison for taking out a possible threat.

That said, there will be more creepy clowns showing up as we close in on Halloween. The costume chain Halloween Express says sales of clown masks are up 300% since last year.

Denver, Colorado has had many sightings. Greeley, Colorado had creepy clown online threats of shootings, allegedly by a 15 year old student. A similar hoax in Fort Collins included a shooting threat for Poudre High School.

In Wyoming, Laramie Junior High School instituted lockout procedures after a parent told the principal about a threat on Wednesday morning.

Obviously, these idiots aren’t factoring in the protective instincts of parents guarding their young.

A Maine woman claims a guy in a clown outfit stopped his car in front of her house, formed a gun with his fingers, and pretended to shoot her.  So she pulled out a REAL gun, and he sped off. A New Haven, Conn. school district has banned students from dressing as clowns for Halloween, calling the costumes "symbols of terror."

More people are buying masks = more people will be wearing them and some will do what they deem necessary to protect themselves and their families and the citizenry is well armed.

brietbart.com prints: "Park County Sheriff Scott Steward told CBS News there are so many guns in Wyoming that those who do not own one “are very much in the minority.” As for the gun-owning majority, Steward said, “The low end’s going to be probably four to five [guns in the house], high end’s going to be anywhere from 100 to more.”

All those guns, yet the state’s gun-related murder rate is below the national average. And this is why Steward is fine with Wyoming’s per capita dominance on gun ownership. He views the armed citizenry as a means of augmenting the “handful of deputies” he has at his disposal."


Stay cool everyone, chill.