A nearly capacity crowd at the Albany County Fairgrounds witnessed some extreme bull riding Wednesday night.

Mr. T was one of the most notorious bulls ridden in the 80's.  He was only successfully ridden three times.

Champion riders took home a great new buckle, and a few fans padded their pockets with Calcutta wins.


First Section: 

Champion: Jason Beck of Prairieville, LA.  (Rode Break Dance for an 83)

*Jason had the only 8 second ride in the section.

Second Section:

Champion: Tate Stratten of Kellyville, OK.  (Rode Twisted Steel for a 78)

Second Place: Casey Huckabee of Grand Saline, TX.  (Rode Smoke Signal for a 73)

Third Place: Jarrod Craig of Hillsboro, TX.  (Rode Criminal Blend for a 66)

Third Section:

Wyatt Greg of Highmore, SD.  (Rode Silver City for a 77)

*Wyatt had the only 8 second ride in the section.