It's a brave new world of digital sites and awards.  The world of music is changing daily, and so is the way people enjoy it.  Now, the MTV Music Group is recognizing that basic fact with a slew of nominations across many platforms.

First, let's get to the country side of things.  Taylor Swift in nominated the the "Fan Army" FTW catagory.  She's in some fine company, sharing the the nomination with Justin Bieber, Tokio Hotel, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Insane Clown Posse, Iron Maiden, Demi Lovato, nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Now, THAT is what's know as and ecclectic group!

Blake Shelton has been nominated for "Must-Follow Artist on Twitter.  That's right, evidently Twitter is now a major player in the world of recognizing musical talent.  Go figure.  Blake shares the nomination with Lady Gaga, Mark Hoppus Snoop Dogg and Cher.

Miss Dolly is nominated for "Best Vintage Viral Video for her performance of "Jolene" way back in the '70's.  She shares that nomination with vintage performances from Metallica, Sinead O'Connor, Nirvan and the late Nortorius B.I.G.

The awards show is scheduled to "air" on October 31st on many platforms, including, and across MT MUusic Group websites,,, and

Man, have we come a long way from the days when artists were heard on only a few media, including vinyl records and of course...good ol' radio.

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