Well the Band Perry has a lot more in common with Taylor Swift than most people would think. 

Of course, Taylor's first big hit was called "Tim McGraw".  And as it turns out, Kimberly Perry from the band has a tie to Tim, too.

 As you know, the Band Perry is traveling with Tim on his latest tour.  While the show was in Chicago, Kimberly Perry shared a few memories in an interview, and believe it or not, turns out Tim's music played a big part in her past.

Kimberly mentioned that they grew up listening to Tim's music.  One of her best memories involved muddin' and listening to Mcgraw's hits while growing up in Mobile AL.

"That's what we would do when it rained", she explained.  "We would get in these jacked-up trucks and go ride through mud puddles.  I remember listening to Tim when I was 15 or 16".

When asked what kind of fast-paced country-rock tunes she'd be listening to, Kimberly reportedly surprised her interviewer by mentioning that she usually preferred to hear Tim's more romantic stuff while in the mud bog.

Her favorite was It's Your Love.  When asked if she thought muddin' was a romantic event that warranted such a ballad, Kimberly smiled and said "It is when you go with your boyfriend."

Who knew?   

Tim Mcgraw, puttin' romance into just about anything.