A new social campaign aimed at changing social norms around binge drinking has been launched in Laramie. The campaign, “Binge Think,” encourages young adults in Laramie to think differently about drinking alcohol, as well as stepping in to become a positive influence on a friend who may have a binge drinking problem.

Many in the Laramie community have been proactively addressing the issue of binge drinking, as well as underage drinking and the negative consequences of both. While the campaign does not condone underage drinking, the focus is on binge drinking and changing social norms around it. The Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming, along with the Wyoming Department of Health, is helping to launch the campaign in Laramie.

“The Laramie Police Department is committed to enforcement initiatives which support community-wide efforts to reduce binge drinking,“ said City of Laramie Police Chief Dale Stadler. “The Binge Think campaign takes a unique approach by educating the broader audience, rather than targeting binge drinkers themselves.”

Binge Think aims to shift the negative stigma of stepping in when a friend is binge drinking into positive action. The campaign encourages young adults to take better care of each other in social drinking situations by providing information, resources, and an open forum where binge drinking related stories can be shared.

“This campaign will have students thinking about their actions regarding alcohol consumption, commented University of Wyoming student Annie Layden. “I was surprised by the facts it presents.”

The campaign has several components including a Facebook page, advertising in student newsletters, signage, and other tactics.