The new book, by author Ryan Weaver, is a collection of stories about country music artists who have served in various branches of the United States Military and the impact that service has had on them, their music and their careers.

Hereos of the Stage Country Serving Country also includes brief backgrounds, pictures and interviews with various artists.

As any long-time country fan knows, there's always been a strong, patriotic tone to country music.  Love of country and duty to freedom is not an uncommon tie with the genre.  While The book is limited to only living artists, it also takes time to recognize those artists who have bravely served their country and have since gone on.  Those men and women are featured in a remarkable section of the book entitiled TAPS.

You may or may not be surprised to learn the names of those artists who actually wore their nation's uniform. 

There are surprises in the book.  And maybe some artists you just naturally assumed had done military service weren't in uniform  There are heroes and there are Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors.

Just a few of the names from the book include Craig Morgan, James Otto, Jamie Johnson and a man who started his first band while in the military:  George Strait.

The book is available on Amazon.  Check it out.  Great read.

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