We have heard many rumors of new streets south of town that will connect to the new high school, specifically Spring Creek and/or Bill Nye Avenue. Are any of these in the works, and if so, what time frame? Also, is there a city website somewhere to look up the progress on those types of projects?


"The Major Street Plan does identify a future bridge crossing over the creek east of the current terminus on Spring Creek Drive. The land near the creek on both sides is privately owned. The city has has preliminary contact with the property owners about developing the property, which would entail consideration of bridge needs, but those discussions have no timeline. It is reasonable to say that the bridge crossing at Spring Creek Drive, while eventually required, will not be completed in the near future.

Bill Nye between Boulder and Vista has been awarded for construction to Simon Contractors. Work on the project is just now beginning but is scheduled for completion this fall. It will not be open when school starts but is supposed to be open by October.

Current construction project information can be found on the city's website at this link. The map may take some time to load on a computer. Once loaded, a click on the respective lines on the map will bring up a text box with information about each project. Questions about any project can be directed to the City Manager's office at 307-721-5226."

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