The Weekend Movie Forecast calls for some warming in Laramie. It is almost time for the release of Hollywood's Oscar hopefuls, but not quite yet. For that, we still have to wait for Christmas Day, unless the world ends before then.

The action film "Jack Reacher," starring Tom Cruise, looked good in early reviews, but as more reviews came in, it sank from a B to a C. Decide for yourself with the trailer below.

"Jack Reacher" opens on Friday in Laramie, along with the Judd Apatow comedy "This is 40." This is a movie with unexpected depth about a family in a mid-life crisis when the husband and wife both turn 40 in the same week, starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. It rates a B. You may recognize several characters in the trailer below from the movie "Knocked Up."

"Monsters, Inc." has returned to Laramie in 3D form, joining an animated film being held over this week, "Rise of the Guardians," both films rate a B.

Celebrating the end of the Mayan calendar's current 5,125-year cycle, there will be a free "End of the World" party at the Albany County Public Library Friday night at 7 pm featuring the disaster film "2012" as well as pizza and party favors.

This has been you Weekend Movie Forecast by Robert Roten, creator of the Laramie Movie Scope website.