If you're like me...you've spent many a stormy day playing cut-throat Monopoly with your brothers and sisters.  Well it seems that Hasbro Brothers has come up with a new high-tech version of the game that...are you ready....HAS NO Monopoly MONEY!!!

The new version also does away with the dice...and replaces everything with a spooky computer tower that is supposed to monitor each player's activity.

Using infra-red technology, the tower can keep track of your movements and will even "roll" the dice for you;  Virtual dice that is.  

The board and properties remain pretty much the same.  But, here's MY problem...the ONLY reason I ever wanted to be the banker was to "accidently" grab an extra hundred or two to make sure I could always meet my sister Linda's outrageous and slum-lord like rents.  If I can't touch the money...I can't be uh, let's say, "creative" in my strategies.

To be honest, I've always considered the rules of Monopoly to be more suggestions than anything else.  When we got together to play...we'd make up rules on the fly...and our contests would often turn into mega-marathons of greed and capitalism.  And that's the way it should be, don'cha think?

So, if this Big Brother tower keeps track of everything...how is one creative player (like me) supposed to crush his beloved siblings?

Nope.  Sorry.  If Hasbro hopes for guys like me to buy into this...they're sadly mistaken.  Enough with messin' with my stuff. 

With tongue planted firmly in my cheek, I think I'll write them a letter and stand up for the old school games.

If you DO want to experience the new version...it will be going on sale next fall for about fifty bucks.  Ha!  Enjoy.