GAC is unveiling a whole series of shows this fall.  One of them "DAY JOBS", is based on the premise of taking an established star, and following theim (reality show style) as they return to one of their previous jobs and work a full shift.

GAC plans to start their new slate of shows with a September 8th episode "Day Jobs"  The first episode is going to feature Trace Adkins.  Trace used to work on the rigs.  Trace will spend three days on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

There are reportedly seven one-hour episodes of the series already in the can, and the regularly scheduled airings are set for October 2 at 6 PM Mountain time.  each hour will showcase three artists.

“Every artist in the show had to give us at least a full eight-hour work day,” explains Sara Trahern, Senior VP at the network. “So nobody just phoned it in and got the B-roll and got out of there. They all really worked at it. But Trace went above and beyond and gave us three days.”

There's quite a variety of occupations represented:

Construction:  Gary Allen

Selling Ladies Shoes:  Neal McCoy

Waitressing:  Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman

Military:  Craig Morgan (returns to Fort Campbell)


Dairy queen:  David Nail

Trahern hopes to be back in production on a second season by this fall and she says stars have been clamoring to do the show despite the somewhat rigorous requirements.

I have to admit, the premise really does sound like a winner.  The days of episodic television programming are going the way of the dinosaurs.  No writers, easy subject matter, and the chance to highlight another aspect of someone's life.  Yep, "Day Jobs" will be a hit, at least for country fans.

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