A new study from the website BACtrack says more people will get drunk in Wyoming this summer than any other state in the mountain west region. Their report is based on the average blood alcohol levels from their popular BACtrack mobile breathalyzer app.

Statistics from the study show that the average drinker in Wyoming will have a blood alcohol level of .079, nearly the legal limit. That figure ranks above the national average and is higher than any other state in the mountain west.

However, at least we're not as drunk as our neighbors in Nebraska, which was ranked as the fifth drunkest state in the entire country. With an average blood alcohol level of .082, Nebraska trails only Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada and West Virginia, which had a whopping average blood alcohol level of .103.

With an average blood alcohol level of .068, the mountain west ranks just behind New England and the Mid-Atlantic states as the drunkest regions in America.

The study also pinpoints the most popular drinking days of the year. More Americans will drink on July 4th than any other day of the year, followed by June 21st and July 3rd. Furthermore, they say more Americans will drink this week than any other week of the year.

Click here for the full results of the study.