If you’ve ever wanted to shoot down a track of solid ice at 80 miles per hour on a bobsled, now’s your chance. The Olympic bobsled track in Park City, UT is open for business.

This exhilarating ride, known as the “Comet,” isn’t your typical theme park attraction. There’s some real danger involved here. The G forces alone (up to 5G) rule out a ride for anyone who’s faint of heart, or suffers from chronic back, neck or joint pain.

For those thrill seekers out there who do pass the test, you can either elect to plummet down the track with an experienced pilot, or else take a one-hour driver’s class. If you opt for the latter, you’ll still have to launch with a brakeman in the rear part of the sled. He’ll make sure you don’t race too far out of control.

If this sort of adventure appeals to you, head over to the Utah Olympic Park (UOP), near Salt Lake City, and prepare for the “ride of your life.” You’ll have to sign an indemnity waver releasing the park of any responsibility in the event of your injury or death (always an encouraging sign), but hey, if there were no risks, there would be no fun. This is as close as you’ll probably ever come to flying, while never leaving the ground.