Prayers For Maverick Facebook Page

You have likely heard the story of 6-year-old Maverick from Cheyenne. The boy born with a congenital heart defect and lung disease made national news recently for the home run Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz hit for him. 

Maverick has become one of our heroes here in Cheyenne - and for good reason.

But, this Mother's Day weekend, we're focusing on the lady who has endured a lot and been the backbone of the family, Marti.

Maverick's mom realized her son was going to have a different life while she was pregnant. Doctors warned her that her son had a rare heart condition and lung disease, that would likely cause complications for Maverick throughout his life.

Maverick's first two years were spent at Children's Hospital of Colorado. In six years, he's had over 30 surgeries and faced a handful of life-threatening situations. By his side every step of the way has been mom, Marti.

Prayers For Maverick Facebook Page

Not only has Marti helped her own family in dozens of ways, she wants to help children from all over the world.

"It's not just about Maverick, it's about all the kids at the Children's Miracle Network," she posted on the "Prayers For Maverick Facebook page.

In 2015, Maverick was chosen as the Wyoming Children's Miracle Network ambassador. He and his family went to both Disneyland and Washington D.C. thanks to the program.

Maverick and his entire family have become some of our heroes, but on this Mother's Day weekend, here's a special shout out and thank you to Marti.

Last year, we were able to catch up with Marti and Maverick at a fundraiser for the Children's Miracle Network hosted by Dairy Queen.