The Albany County Emergency Management Agency will be testing the Outdoor Warning Siren system at 10:00 a.m. Friday, July 3, 2015 for all Albany County Sirens. These are located in Laramie, Rock River, Centennial and Albany. The warning system will sound a steady signal for a period of one to three minutes.

During an actual emergency, when residents hear the sirens they should take cover immediately and tune into a local radio or television station to receive additional emergency information. Residents should not call 911 or local emergency officials for information as this ties up telephone lines needed for emergency operations.

The outdoor warning sirens are an all-hazards emergency warning system and are intended to warn residents of any life threatening situation in the area.

Aimee Binning, Albany County Emergency Management Coordinator, says the sirens are just one of the many tools used to notify people of an emergency.

Luckily, we do have a redundant way to notify the community members of an emergency because we have the sirens which help notify the people that are outside. We have, also, our CodeRED and our IPAWS systems,” says Binning. “Now, CodeRED people need to sign up for either on the county website or the city website, and then IPAWS is a federal communication tool that we use that people do not need to sign up for.”

For further information on siren locations along with frequently asked questions about the sirens, please contact the Albany County Emergency Manager at

Cancellation of the test may occur due to inclement weather.