I remember hearing Credence when I was a kid.  The only "stereo" we had back in the day was in my big brother Kelly's room.  He'd crank it up and I got my first taste of Proud Mary and Down on the Bayou.  Well, I'm a rock and roll fan.  But I'm also a country fan, and that's reason enough to be excited about this collaboration.

The great frontman for Credence Clearwater Revival is, of course, John Fogerty.  Turns out ol' John likes his country too.  And it also turns out that he can be pretty persuasive.  That's probably how he got a couple of country powerhouses like Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley to record with him on his latest.
Thanks to the internet, many folks have been able to enjoy Miranda and her band Pistol Annie's performing with John on a great rendtion of Bad Moon Rising (one of Kelly's faves).  Here it is for you who didn't catch the House of Blues performance.

Now for the bad news:  no certain release date for the album has been announced.  John's touring and it's going to be a while til the disc drops.  But when it does, you can bet I'll be picking one up.  After all, I've now got a "stereo" that my brother Kelly would think was pretty cool.

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