The Wyoming Department of Transportation discussed future plans for the roads in Albany County today. The State Transportation Improvement Program meeting (STIP) was held early this afternoon at the WYDOT district office. Plans were also discussed at the County Commissioner’s meeting earlier in the day.

Officials with WYDOT discussed plans for roads in the county until fiscal year 2020, and several projects will include roads in and around Laramie.

Construction on Grand Avenue between 15th and 21st Streets will continue through this summer, and more construction is scheduled for the road in fiscal year 2017. Construction in that year will not include a full reconstruction like we are seeing currently. Instead, WYDOT officials say the construction will take place between 3rd and 15th Streets and will focus on repairing the damaged road and giving it an overlay.

In addition, similar work will be done on Third Street in 2019.

Plans to extend Harney Street into West Laramie were also discussed in the meeting. Construction will begin on that project in 2016 and should finish up late in 2017. Once that project is complete, the viaduct on Clark Street will be torn down.

Also, construction on the Curtis Street Bridge is slated to begin in fiscal year 2019. Officials say that they will welcome public opinion about this project and will likely have meetings in the coming months to hear public input.

Projects are planned for other areas in Albany County as well. Highway 130 will have overlay work done in sections in 2015 and 2017. Highway 230 will also have overlay work in sections starting in 2017 and continuing to the 2020 season. Sections of Interstate 80 are also scheduled for various repairs and overlay projects in fiscal years 2014 to 2016 and 2019 to 2020.

Other topics included construction on Bill Nye Avenue, Jelm Road, Herrick Lane and WYO 34.