The Laramie Police Department is reminding Jubilee Days participants, that there are increased patrols during the events.

Laramie Police Commander Mitch Cushman says that in addition to patrols, extra officers are being placed at the carnival, to provide security for that area and for the younger people that the carnival attract. Cmdr. Cushman adds that a police presence at the carnival stops any problems that may be cause by a bleed-through from other more adult-oriented events.

There will be also increased police presence at the street dances and other drinking affairs. “Actually if everyone drinks responsibly we have no problem with that,” Cushman says. “Our problem is that when they drink irresponsibly. That may cause fights and things like that where people are just trying to have fun.”

Cmdr. Cushman goes on to say that they’re out to keep the peace, and would rather not arrest people. “We expect everyone to be respectful of others and we are prepared when they’re not. We would just assume that everybody not get arrested.”

A subject that often comes up with the drinking events surrounding Laramie Jubilee Days is the enforcement of Laramie’s public nuisance/drunk in public laws. Cmdr. Cushman says that it’s all a matter of if you can take care of yourself. “If you can remember your address, if you’re heading that way, if you are able to get there without taking off all your clothes or urinating in public or without falling down or being unconscious then you’re probably okay to walk home,” Cushman said. “If you cannot take care of yourself, which is the main measurement, then it’s for your safety that you get arrested.”