A program offers Laramie families the chance to make friends from around the world.

The Friendship Families Program offered in conjunction with the University of Wyoming International Students and Scholars office is a low commitment program designed to give local families an opportunity to learn about and become friends with an international student while giving many international students the chance to be part of an American family -- if only for a short time.

The local non-live-in host program has placed hundreds of international students with families in Laramie since 1997.

“The students continue to live in their apartments or residence halls, but meet with you at least once per month for coffee, dinner, a movie, a hike, or whatever else you decide you'd like to do,” says Leann Naughton, program coordinator. “It's a program with low time commitment, but with amazing returns.”

To be a part of the Friendship Families Program, email friendshipfamilieslaramie@gmail.com.