It's hard to believe, but Reba McEntire hasn't been on the small screen for almost 6 years. Her number 1 series Reba on the WB and CW networks was cancelled in 2006. Reba says she nver wanted to leave TV, and now, she's grabbed another opportunity.

Her newest series is called Malibu Country and is not on eithter the CW or WB, but will be featured on one of the "original 3", ABC.

The plot revolves around a recent divorcee' (Reba) moving on past her marriage to her rock star husband, grabbing the kids and moving across the country from Nashville to Malibu. Reba says she's not too concerned with the "Beverly Hillbillies" aspect of the plot. She says it actually reminds her of her own life when she took a similar gamble to appear on Reba.

There hasn't been a specific premiere date for the series, but I'm pretty sure ABC is looking forward to another family-oriented hit, probably during its mid-week scheduling.

What do YOU think?  Did you enjoy the original Reba, and do you think Malibu Country will be a hit.  Let us know right here.

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